About Me

My name is Anthony Licausi and I was born on Long Island just outside of Manhattan.  Growing up, I did the typical things that boys do in suburbia like riding bikes, playing baseball, and building forts in the woods.  As an only child to one working parent I had a lot of time to myself where I would constantly draw, write stories, tinker with things and think up inventions.

I became extremely interested in business around age 16 (thanks to a former boss) and began reading every book I could find on business, real estate and stocks.  This eventually led to me turning down a full scholarship to study pre-med and go to work on Wall Street where I honed my knowledge of the markets and financial operations of business.

Currently I’m the Vice President of Corporate Development at Daniels & Company where my responsibilities Include:

Working with both public and private companies to explore growth opportunities, cultivate strategic relationships and create business development campaigns.

Managing the Investor Relations Unit for Small and Micro-cap Companies where I’m responsible for:
-Creating compelling press releases that detail company progress and highlight strengths behind new products and services
-Interviewing CEO’s and other C-Level executives for PR content.
-Creating and distributing corporate press kits and investor presentations.
-Corporate representation at meetings with institutional and individual investors in the Tri-State Area.
-Fielding new IR inquiries for companies and distributing requested information to prospective investors.
-Writing research reports for distribution to active investors and financial professionals.

To contact me regarding my work or to see a sample portfolio of my recent press, please email me at anthony@dcodevelopment.com